Natalia Oreiro gave an interview to the newspaper “Pagina 12”. Photoso can be found on the gallery.

Although she composed different types of characters, including some very dramatic ones, Natalia Oreiro always stood out in comedies. The Uruguayan actress does not doubt that with a good script it is easy to make people laugh and cry. “What it takes is a good director,” she confesses. For this reason, she did not hesitate to accept the leading role in the second film directed by actor Fernán Mirás, “Casi muerta”, which will be released commercially on Thursday, July 6. “What interested me the most was the director, because I really wanted to work with Fernán,” says Oreiro, while recalling that he shared the cast with the actor who played Tanguito (Tango feroz) in Re loca, where the actress played a woman who, tired of the routine, she gave a radical turn to her life.

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