The second season of the series “Iosi, el espia arrepentido” will be premiered on October 27th, 2023 in Amazon Prime Video.

Set in 1994, the second season of the series addresses the attack on the AMIA building, which left 85 dead and to date no one is guilty of the international connection, although members of the forces were tried and detained locally. security and people linked to them. The eight episodes of the first season focus on the story of José Pérez, later renamed Iosi Peres, a spy planted by the police under the delusional but popular anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Israel was preparing the “Andinia Plan” to annex Patagonia. The series shows how Pérez / Peres collects information for years but then begins a redemptive path after verifying that his work could be used to perpetrate the terrible attacks on the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA.

“The new season shows us our protagonist, Iosi (Bassani), a fugitive and determined to speak publicly with the help of a famous journalist, when the Israeli intelligence service asks him to investigate the best kept secret of Argentine arms traffickers: the Condor missile,” Amazon Prime Video said in a statement.

As the godmother of the Foundation Peluffo Giguens, Natalia Oreiro invites people for a Solidarity event called Parrilla Solidaria organized by the Foundation Peluffo Giguens on September 9 and September 10. You can watch the video below.

Natalia Oreiro was invited to sing to the concert of the band “Cumbia Club” in Antel Arena where she sang some of her famous hits such as No me arrepiento de este amor, Cambio dolor etc. Photos can be found on the gallery.

Also you can watch a reheasal video before the concert with Cumbia Club.