Natalia Oreiro in Brando Magazine

Natalia Oreiro was photographed on February 21, 2021 in the west beaches of Uruguay for Brando Magazine in April’s issue. In the gallery you can find photos from the magazine.

Natalia Oreiro: “You have to run from the place where others want to put you”

Since Montevideo, in which she debuted as a TV host to the talent, she reviews how the professional selections permit her to combine the massiveness with the prestige of criticism. Also, she tells how she is preparing for the most challenging role of her career: Evita.

A new video of ANDA

Natalia Oreiro is ambassador of the company ANDA a period of 10 years now and she continues to be the face of the company. In the below video she suggests at the people to maintain preventive measures because continuing to take care of themselves is the best way to show solidarity with others.