Natalia Oreiro will narrate an alien invasion

Natalia Oreiro will collaborate with the Divergent project, a Bioart work carried out entirely by UADE students. An initiative where science and cinema were united and they made the first film starring bacteria. The project was born from the union of Biotechnology and Audiovisual Design (image and sound) of the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. The idea was born with the premise of knowing if certain microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi could interact and intervene in artistic designs and the result was a surprising film with Natalia Oreiro as the narrator of an alien invasion. The director and screenwriter Ramiro San Honorio, is also the director of the piece and head of the Audiovisual Design Degree and who, together with Leonardo Rodríguez Parise, started the project with the students to give bacteria a camera. The slogan was key: the bacteria had to act a free version of “The War of the Worlds” by HG Wells. But in the scientific field, they needed the help of Federico Prada and Martín Vadillo who coordinated with the students of the biotechnology career and the result: a film where bacteria “interpret” and “replicate” drawings that represent an alien invasion in the city.

For the art and design of the original drawings that the bacteria had to “design” he was under the pencil of the artist Nelson Luty (Metelgol, Colony) and that was just the starting point. Natalia Oreiro , Carlos Kaspar and David Masajnik are the artists in charge of giving their voices to the narrative of the great invasion. While the colonies of bacteria are shaping and drawing each scene of the story, Oreiro, Kaspar and Masajnik give us an interpretive quality worthy of the classic radio dramas and also of the current podcasts. Images that start from the microscope and are enlarged on the big screen projector. A unique, original and unprecedented proposal that unites different disciplines to tell us a story, with the voice of the multifaceted Oreiro and starring none other than bacteria. A more than striking proposal, which will have to be seen.