Natalia Oreiro joins the campaign “Lo siento haters”

In the framework of World Internet Day (May 17), UNICEF launched the “Lo siento hater” (I’m sorry hater) campaign to raise awareness and combat hate speech circulating on the internet and social media. The initiative, which has the participation of referents and activists who suffered attacks due to their gender identity, sexual orientation, physical characteristics and / or socioeconomic status, aims to provide tools and empower adolescents. Natalia Oreiro joins the campaign.

Natalia Oreiro in “Saliendo que es Electrica”

Natalia Oreiro appeared live in a program “Saliendo que es Eléctrica” and a conversation began about the topic of her beginnings on television: Ricos y Famosos but also Muñeca Brava. She admitted that she is now in Buenos Aires where she has lived for 25 years. She also the actress confessed that she is now doing a Carmen Miranda series and is starting with Santa Evita, a series based on the novel by Eloy Martínez. “It is immeasurable, his work, his history, his personality that I have a fatal and overloaded fear. I am doing with a lot of love, with a lot of heart. I am putting a lot of body on him and I prepared a lot. Likewise, it always seems that there is little and I think that there is no character in the history of Argentina without a doubt but it is for me, the most important woman in our history and I had had a chance of having it for more than 10 years and I let it pass “ he said about Evita and added that if the casting can be on October 17, she will be free. Natalia Oreiro also dealt with not only an astrology and a performance but also a Got Talent Uruguay program during the pandemic: “This year it is more difficult so all the casting was online but the beauty of that is to feel that we are going towards them but that things happen in Montevideo”. Answering the question of a spectator to choose a character that she interpreted with which she would like to have a coffee, Natalia Oreiro chose Evita Perrón and Gilda. During the conversation, Natalia Oreiro confessed that in a documentary “Nasha Natasha” was using the texts of Eduardo Galeano.

Konex Awards 2021

The “Konex” Foundation reported that the Grand Jury has chosen the 100 most outstanding personalities of the last decade of the Argentine Spectacle (2011-2020), a list consisting of 5 candidates in twenty disciplines. Natalia Oreiro is nominated for the “Film Actress”.

1 millions followers at instagram

Natalia Oreiro celebrates her one millions followers in instagram where she posted a video about it.

“Ten months ago, in the midst of the uncertainty that still continues, I felt the need to be able to connect in a new way with friends from all over the world. I always believed that the only way to do it was through my vocation, but I discovered a new universe and I jumped there without a net, without being very clear about the way, with a bit of fear and a lot of curiosity. Today, I want to thank this beautiful community that was formed from which I learn every day to be more open and less judgmental. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ⁣Thanks a millionssssss🤍🙌😘