Got Talent Uruguay: backstage

In the gallery can be found new backstage photos from the second edition of “Got Talent Uruguay”.

“I’m very Barbarella from Rio de la Plata 👽⁣ Who saw the movie? ⁣Barbarella is a 1968 science fiction film, directed by Roger Vadim and portrayed by Jane Fonda. It is that how space in @gottalentuy”

Natalia Oreiro’s birthday

With motives of her birthday, Natalia Oreiro posted some photos in her instagram account saying the following:

“Happy birthday to me. Taurus with the rising Taurus 🖤

Happy b-day to the most beautiful and wonderful person that exist in this planet. We wish you all the best. Your Greek fans love you so much!

Juntos por los ninos 2021

Next Saturday, on May 22 from 6 pm UNICEF Uruguay invites us to join the 20th edition of its annual television marathon “Juntos por los Niños” (Together for Children). Led by Rafa Cotelo, Diego González, Claudia Fernández, Federico Paz, Sofía Rodríguez, Cata Ferrand and Maxi de la Cruz. UNICEF Uruguay will bring together its ambassadors Natalia Oreiro, Diego Forlán, María Noel Riccetto and Julián Weich to tell about their work for childhood. In a context in which the COVID-19 pandemic has had great consequences on the education, nutrition, health and well-being of children and adolescents around the world. UNICEF Uruguay invites us to reimagine a better future for them and to continue supporting their work so that no boy and no girl is left behind.