Natalia Oreiro travelled in Russia

Natalia Oreiro, who recently received Russian citizenship, has travelled till Russia to film some promos for the channel “Subbota”, which will broadcast the soap opera “Wild angel” (Muñeca brava). At the photo shoot, the actress repeated her recognizable images: in a white flying dress from the show’s screensaver and a red cap and striped T-shirt. The actress, who celebrated her 44th birthday in May, shared her joy of obtaining Russian citizenship and spoke about her creative plans: “Now I am preparing a new tour. There will be something that did not take place, but there will also be something unusual! I will definitely do the tour next year. We are also writing a new series, a musical comedy. I hope you will like it!”

Natalia Oreiro starred in the series “Wild angel” (Muñeca brava) “You are my life” (Sos mi vida), “In the rhythm of tango” (Al ritmo del tango), “The rich and famous” (Ricos y famosos). The artist has repeatedly declared her attachment to Russia, as well as that she is learning Russian. The singer performs Russian-language versions of her hits, and also recorded in three languages ​​(English, Spanish and Russian) the composition United by Love for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was held in Russia.

Nunca más a mi lado song

Yesterday, Friday, December 10th, 2021 the song “Nunca más a mi lado (Never again a my side)” was released, reverted by Florencia Núñez in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the campaign that bears the same name, carried out by “No te va gustar” together with La Red Uruguayan Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and the Women’s Bicameral Caucus with the support of UN Women. Florencia Núñez, along with great Uruguayan artists – Natalia Oreiro among others – came together to record and re-signify this song that is part of the relaunch of the campaign, after 10 years, which renews the commitment to help build a society free of violence based on in gender.

Natalia Oreiro did a VK live from Russia

Natalia Oreiro had a video-live with fans in her official account in VK, in which she announced that she had come to Russia – for the first time with her internal passport as a citizen of the country – to participate in the new launch of the “Wild angel” series. She will stay in Russia for several days and by the end of the month she will return to Argentina to her family. According to TASS, the artist’s son Merlin (who also received Russian citizenship) stayed at home due to school. The singer also said that she plans to do a tour of Russia next year. “Since I’m a Russian now, it is imperative to do a Russian concert,” she said, and then sang some of her songs. In addition, Natalia Oreiro announced her possible appearance in one of the Russian films and an upcoming Russian-language song. She previously reported that she had been vaccinated with Sputnik V.

Market Ads Awards 2021

On Friday, December 10, at 2:00 p.m., will be realized the Market Ads Awards 2021 and for free, you will have an appointment with the second edition of a unique event that brings together agencies, brands and sellers to celebrate and reward the best advertising strategies in e -Commerce within Mercado Libre. Natalia Oreiro is the host of the event.