After the avante premiere in Uruguay, the movie “Casi muerta” had its premiere in Argentina. The screening was realized in Cinemark by Dot Baires Shopping, where a lot of celebrities came to enjoy this film starring by Natalia Oreiro and directed by Fernan Miras where it reaches to the cinemas on July 6th.

Upon learning of Mirás project, the Uruguayan actress did not hesitate to join her cast. “We were shooting Reloca, where we were a couple with Fernán, and he had just premiered his first film, “El peso de la ley”. It is a drama with a lot of humor and I loved it. And I thought: ‘This guy is a good actor, a good person and a good director,’ so I told him to count on me for his next movie for whatever character he is. When he called me, I said yes before reading the script“.

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