The movie “Casi muerta” will premiere on HBO Max on September 1 and, on the occasion of the premiere, the platform held a great presentation event. The celebration took place last night at the Osten restaurant in Puerto Madero. With a purple setting, very much in the style of the platform’s colors, HBO Max opened Osten with matching music and a purple carpet with “Casi muerta” banners. There it was possible to glimpse a corridor of the same tone that gave entrance to the impressive event put together by the production. In addition, as if this were not enough, Fernán Mirás, the film’s director, Natalia Oreiro, Alberto Ajaka and Ariel Staltari, the film’s protagonists, were already waiting inside the restaurant. The actors appeared at the event to share with the journalists and all those present. Although, during the event, the artists also offered some words. “We are very good, very grateful because we made a great film that is “Casi muerta”, here with its director Fernán Mirás and, the truth is, that they can enjoy it from September 1 on HBO Max is a source of pride,” began Natalia Oreiro.

Finally, to close her press conference, Natalia Oreiro took the floor again. “”Casi muerta” is a film that questions all of us, because we are all going to die, know that,” she said. In addition, it should be noted that Casi Muerta has personal experiences that the actor and director, Fernán Mirás, has lived. Therefore, the depth behind the film is immense and, without a doubt, it is an interesting production to take advantage of because of how death is questioned from another perspective.

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