Natalia Oreiro sat in Filo’s armchairs with Julio Leiva to chat about everything. Natalia Oreiro has always managed to win our hearts: from her participation as Xuxa’s paquita, through “Muñeca Brava”, to her interpretations of Gilda or Evita. In this unique interview, she spoke about her career, her uprooting, her first day in Argentina and the attack on AMIA, the possibility of being the daughter of the disappeared and much more.

If we go to the black box of your life, what is the moment that makes you the person you are today?: “As a girl I was much more sure of what I wanted. At that time I left high school, I left my boyfriend. .. my parents thought that I would run back in the week and I knew that I would not. Today I want time to breathe, to realize that it is necessary to stop, to enjoy the simple things. That which you forget in the maelstrom.”

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