Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias is an Uruguayan actress. She was born on May 19, 1977 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and began studying theater at the age of 8. Today her life passes between stage, cameras, premieres, recording studios, presentations and she is already a phenomenon. When was 12 years old, she presented herself for audition that needed child actors and started a career in the commercial world. From then till 16 she recorded 37 commercials for O.B., Coca-Cola, Knorr, among others. At 14 she was picked out of 10,000 competitors to accompany Xuxa on her tour in America and representing her in programs and homages. But most of her earnings went on tickets to Buenos Aires to participate in film castings. When she was 17 she relocated to Argentina alone. She participated in a small role in the television series called Inconquistable corazón (1994) (at first as an ordinary extra, later as one of the schoolgirls). Then she renounced her part as an ambassadress to Xuxa and to be a host on MTV Latino. In 1995 she was called to play the protagonist’s niece in the telenovela Dulce Ana (1995). Afterwards she appeared in 90-60-90 modelos (1996) and a year later in Ricos y famosos (1997), which got attention all over Argentina and abroad. Already in 1996 she participated in the theatrical play “Las mariposas son libres”. In 1998 she co-hosted with Fernando Bravo the gala of Premios Martín Fierro. She also appeared in the movie Un Argnentino en Nueva York (1998) as an ambitious teenage lady who dreams of being a triumph in the music world. The film beat all audience records with 1,634,702 spectators, and was the initial kick-off to her singing career.

In 1998 she launched her first record worldwide called Natalia Oreiro and performed the song “Cambio dolor” that opened the television series Muñeca brava (1998) which was the rating leader of afternoon television. Her songs are heard all over the world. On January 27, 2000 she received the Celebrity of the Year prize in the chain by cable E! Entertainment Television Network in the television category for her outstanding career and for being the celebrity revelation of 1999. She was also nominated for a Martín Fierro Award in two consecutive years (1999 and 2000) as the best dramatic actress in a leading role for her part as a boyish and sensual orphan who seduced the viewers in Muñeca brava (1998). This series was screened in 63 countries all over the world, among others in the United States, Russia, Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and the whole Latin America. In her musical career, she sang with Rafaela Carra in Italy, was part of Gala de la Hispanidad, a classical Spanish show in Punta del Este. She was also in Festival de la Calle 8 in Miami and in Gala de Murcia in Spain. After making public her decision to dedicate her career to singing in 2000, she traveled to Los Angeles to put her voice to a second record titled Tu veneno. This is a pop-rock style with an Andalusian touch, for which she was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award as best female pop album. Natalia received various offers to film in Spain, Italy and the United States. In 2000 and 2001 she did an extensive tour of recitals including countries like Romania, Philippines, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Belarus, among others. In February 2001 she was elected the Queen of the Viña del Mar Festival 2000, conquering all the Chilean public by singing and beauty. Next year she participated as a guest to sing in the Viña del Mar Festival 2001 for the second year running and was chosen to co-conduct one of the festival nights.

In March of 2002, she continued her tour in Russia and Belarus and started to record her new album titled Turmalina, which came on sale in June 2002. A month earlier, Natalia started filming Kachorra (2002), finished in December of the same year and transmitted in many countries of Latin America, Philippines, the Middle East and Europe. For this part, in 2003 she was nominated for a Martín Fierro Award as the best comedy actress in a leading role and for an Inte Award as the best actress. In March 2003 she began shooting of her second movie Cleopatra (2003) along with Norma Aleandro. For her role in that movie she cut her hair very short and he had to loose some weight. In the middle of 2003, she started a tour for Eastern Europe and Latin America. On March 1, 2004 she started filming El Deseo (2004), which did not make such success. Natalia Oreiro changed her hair color into blond for her role and she sang the opening song Light my fire in English. She participated for an episode in the tv series called Botines (2005), who played the role of René, a thief. In 2005, Natalia Oreiro moved to Russia for two months in order to participate to the Russian tv series called V ritme tango. Facuando Arana made a small appearance to that series. In 2006 she joined as a boxer in the cast of the telenovela Sos mi vida (2006), which took important levels of rating. The series opening titles had the track Corazón valiente by Gilda, sang by Natalia Oreiro herself and produced by the widow of the tropical singer, as music opening. In the following year she received the Martín Fierro Award as the Best actress in comedy, for her role in Sos mi vida. Despite the fact she was participating in that project she did the filming of the movie called La peli in Rosario. During of 2007, she participated as invited actress in some episodes of Patito feo (2007). Along with her sister, Adriana Oreiro, they launched a clothing line called Las Oreiro. By this way she entered to the business world. The shampoo company Sedal selected Natalia Oreiro was the face of their products. Madonna and Shakira are part of the company. On March, 2007 she was hosted a tv program called Resurso Natural in Channel 7, which was focusing on ecological themes, natural environment etc. After that, Natalia played the title character of Amanda O (2008) in a web series along with Luciano Castro and focused on her cinematographic career. She filmed her next movie, Música en espera (2009) along with Diego Peretti and Norma Aleandro. In 2009, she filmed the movie Francia (2009), who played the mother of a 12-year-old girl. She was selected to be the face of the company Tarjeta Naranja.

On March-May of 2010, Natalia filmed her movie Miss Tacuarembó (2010) along with Mike Amigorena, a musical with comic moments. She played a girl named Natalia who dreams to become a star in the 1980’s. In 2011, she filmed the movie Infancia clandestina, directed by Benjamín Ávila and a month later she filmed the movie Mi primera boda (2011) and received positive reviews. The cosmetics company L’ Oreal Paris selected her as the face of their products. She flew to Colombia for the filming of her tv series Lynch (2012) in June and she stayed for three months. Natalia announced her pregnancy and on January 26, 2012 Merlín Atahualpa was born. She made a small pause from her job commitments and a month after Merlín’s birth she was promoting Lynch. Two months later, she filmed the movie Wakolda (2013) in Buenos Aires and Bariloche. After that, she flew with Ricardo and her son to Bogotá, Colombia to film the second and third season of Lynch. She awarded for the Best Actress in Sur Awards for her role in Infancia clandestina (2011). By the end of 2012, she started filming along with Adrián Suar the tv series Solamente vos (2013). For this role she cut her hair. In May of 2014, she awarded with Martín Fierro Award as Best Comedy Actress for the role of Aurora in Solamente vos (2013). In December she announced she will be touring in Russia and in Poland. The tour was named Tour & Ηits 2013. In November of 2014, she visited Russia for her upcoming tour named Nasha Natasha Tour 2014, performing in 16 cities. She sang a few unreleased songs of hers. On of her concerts was filmed by the director Martín Sastre. Natalia was awarded with the Condor de Plata Award for her role in Wakolda (2013). TELEFE was offered her a project and she accepted to be part of the tv series Entre Caníbales (2015), along with Benjamín Vecuña and Joaquín Furriel and it was directed by Juan José Cambanella. She awarded with a Martín Fierro Award as the Best Actress in May of 2016. In December of 2015, was announced a new tour named Fiesta Tour, which was canceled due to disagreements with the organizers. In 2016, Natalia managed to her the rights to incarnate the late tropical singer Gilda, who died at early age. The movie was named Gilda, no me arrepiento de este amor (2016) and it was released a soundtrack CD where Natalia sang all the Gilda’s songs in cumbia. The movie was seen by almost 1 millions viewers in Argentinean cinemas. At the end of 2016, Natalia returned to Russia with a new tour named Cumbia & Hits where she sang Gilda’s song and some of her greatest hits. In March of 2017, she traveled till USA to present the premiere of I am Gilda (2016) in Miami Film Festival. She gained a few awards more for her role in Gilda (2016). In July of 2017, she moderated the Latino Awards in Madrid, Spain and she traveled to Kenya, Africa with UNICEF. Natalia returned in big screen with her movie Re loca (2018), a comedy. She sang two songs for the FIFA Wold Cup in Russia. She won an award in Kids’ Choice Awards in Argentina for her artistic career and she travel till Brazil to get another award in Kikito de Cristal. She is working to a new tv series named Grisel and was presented in Los Angeles. The trailer of Grisel was leaked before was announced by TELEFE. The script is written by her and she is the producer, too.

In 2019, a new tour was announced and named Unforgettable Tour. This time, Natalia performed in Armenia, Rusia, Moldova, and Belarus. She was chosen to be the face of many companies such as Black Pearl Cosmetics (Russia), Danniel Cassin (Uruguay), Zarina (Russia). In August, she visited Russia for New Wave Hall Festival, where she performed some of her songs and a new song. Natalia cut her hair for her role in her new movie La mágica noche (2020), along with Diego Peretti, a psycological thriller. The filming of the movie started in September and ended on October. The movie is on post-production. On October 18, 2019 Natalia along with Mercedes Morán visited the Argentinean Museum of Natural Sciences “Bernardino Rivadavia” to prepare the filming of the film Reinas Salvajes (2020), directed by Matias Luchetti, in which they will play two paleontologists whose shooting begin very soon on the outskirts of the city of Mendoza.