Unforgetable Tour 2019

The tour was organized by the German agency Star Liga and it was held from March 16 to April 16, 2019 in Russia, in Armenia, in Belarus and in Moldova. She gave in total 17 concerts in 40 days.

On January 12, 2019 Natalia Oreiro published a video reminding her upcoming tour in Russia. “Hello! How are you? See you soon! I am waiting for you at the concerts. “Unforgettable Tour”. I am very pleased. I love you. See ya soon!” On January 23, 2019 she published a promo by Star Liga for her tour. On February 12, she published video where she sings the song Valor in an acoustic version using the six-string ukulele. The song is part of the setlist. Since February 28, 2019 she started to countdown the days for Unforgettable Tour. On March 1, 2019 she introduced a costume from her tour. The next day she published a photo where she wore a crown of amethysts, which is part of the tour. Since March 3, 2019 she started to published artworks of her tour. On March 7 and March 9, 2019 she introduced the persons what will be part of her band. On March 10, 2019 published a photo from her studio where she started rehearsals with her band. She wrote: “We’re almost ready!!!” On March 15, 2019 she published a video in which she is happy to start touring. On November 8, 2019 it was announced the Natalia Oreiro’s new concert and it would be called Unforgettable Tour. The first Russian city was announced on March 28, 2019. The second concert date was for Yerevan, in Armenia on April 7, 2019. By the end of 2018 all cities were announced.

In February of 2019, it was announced that Natalia Oreiro will have a Russian band on the tour with dancers on a 2-hour show. The idea of the Russian band was of the promoter. Natalia Oreiro published on her official account in VK photos with names of her Russian band on The costumes includes 7 changes with sensual winks and it was made by herself. The costumes was inspired by Paco Rabanne and the movie “Barbarella”. Fanatic of the stones and their energy the looks included amethysts, quartz, tourmalines and celestines. Luli Gemelli was the one who helped Naty in the dressing room, who had a great team made up of Leonardo Gonzáles, Manuel Gonsalez and Luciano Marra, among others. The setlist consist of 20 songs, there are classics one like Cambio dolor or Me muero de amor, new ones like United by love, which premiered for the World Cup in Russia and To Russia with love and 3 iconic Gilda’s songs. The tour theme was space. Not only it was used as a background for most of her songs but also reflected to her sparkling costumes. Her performace was accompanied by animated videos in which the cartoon Natalia in the form of super heroe flew to Earth to overcoming various obstacles in her way. This super heroe is called Silicia. Back in 2002 Natalia had created a comic heroine called Turmalina.

The opening song was United by love. Natalia brust the scene with a spectacular costume consisting of a cape decorated with quartz and lights, with wings dressed in body and skirt of transparencies and stones and boots of high canes of vinyls with gometric details. By the end of the song Cuesta arriba, cuesta abajo Natalia left the stage and appeared a video of Silicia in rock rhythms showing the details of her journey and giving Natalia an opportunity to change to the second costume. She appeared on stage wearing a crown of amethysts, by the goldsmith Mario Zárate to perform the song Vengo del mar. In the song To Russia with love on the video wall appears Natalia like an army of herself while she is performing a dance routine. At some point she spoke in Russian to her fans. But also in Spanish. Ending the song she gathered bouquets of flowers given by fans. It followed the song Valor in acustic version in ukulele. She got great applauses from the audience. After that, the cartoon Silicia appeared again. While performing the song Me muero de amor the whole hall filled with stars like her costume she was wearing. At the same time, various scenes flashed on the screen from Muñeca brava and herself. By the end of the song the stars touchingly formed the portrait of Facundo Arana, her partner from Muñeca brava (Wild angel) and Sos mi vida (You are the one). Another break was done with Silicia by the end of the song Que si, que si. To the most rocky moment, she plays electric guitar while performing the song Que digan lo que quieran, a skill she developed from the hands of her husband, Ricardo Mollo. By the end of the song Tu veneno another break was done. She appeared on stage a red costume to perform the song Caliente and she was carried by a man of her team. After that song it followed three cumbia songs of Gilda: Fuiste, Corazón valiente and No me arrepiento de este amor. After the last melodies of No me arrepiento de est amor she left the scene to make her last change. The last change was a mini dress with golden metallic figures, which it is a tribute to the designer Paco Rabanne.

Natalia Oreiro’s dancers

Natalia Oreiro – voice
Katia Khudinets – back voice
Valeria Narváez – choreographer
Roman Kovalev – choreographer
Alex “BILL” – guitar
Fedor “Groovish” – percussion
Alexander Vernii – bass
Diego Ortells – music director, keyboard
Egor Doronkin – drums
Ruslan “KUPA” – guitar, accustic guitar
Yana Korotchenya – dancer
Evgeniy Glinskiy – dancer
Sofia Rozovskaya – dancer
Dariya Eremetko – dancer
Dmitriy Puisha – dancer
Mikhail Yakubov – dancer

Tour dates
16/03/2019 – Chisinau, Moldova (Palatul National “Nikolae Sulac”) (19.00)
21/03/2019 – Minsk, Belarus (Dvorets Respubliki) (19.00)
23/03/2019 – St. Petersburg, Russia (Sibur Arena) (19.00)
24/03/2019 – Rostov-on-don, Russia (KSK “Express”) (18.00)
25/03/2019 – Krasnodar, Russia (Dvoretz Sporta “Olimp”) (19.00)
27/03/2019 – Yaroslavl, Russia (KSK Voznesensky) (19.00)
28/03/2019 – Moscow, Russia (Crocus City Hall) (20.00)
31/03/2019 – Svetlogorsk, Russia (Yantar Hall) (19.00)
01/04/2019 – Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (Milo Concert Hall) (19.00)
02/04/2019 – Kazan, Russia (Korston Glub Hotel) (19.00)
04/04/2019 – Tolyatti, Russia (Lada Arena) (19.00)
07/04/2019 – Yerevan, Armenia (Karen Demirchyan Concert Complex) (19.00)
09/04/2019 – Krasnoyarsk, Russia (Grand Hall Sibir) (19.00)
10/04/2019 – Novosibirsk, Russia (DK Zheleznodoroznikov) (19.00)
12/04/2019 – Perm, Russia (SC Sukharev) (19.00)
14/04/2019 – Yekaterinburg, Russia (KKT “Cosmos”) (19.00)
16/04/2019 – Voronezh, Russia (Grand Hall Event) (19.00)


With the journalist Valeria Capra at her arrival in Moldova

On March 11, 2019 Natalia was seen on the airport of Buenos Aires before her flight in Moldova. A fan gave her the portraits of her husband and her son. On March 12, 2019 Natalia Oreiro arrived in Chisinau, Moldova in the International Airport of Chisinau. In the airport fans were waiting for her and she gave an interivew to Valeria Capra from the television show “O Seara Perfectă” of “ProTV” Channel of Moldova. She said that she wants to visit the sights of Moldova and try the local cuisine. “I came to Moldova for first time ans I want to get acquainted with the places that will tell me the history of the country”. About her arrival in Moldova was reported to the channel 3. Just four days earlier from her concert. It was her first time visiting Moldova and she didn’t know much of this country. She intended to get closer acquainted with the republic during her stay, to visit beautiful places, tried Moldovan sweets, polenta and other dishes of the national cuisine. The tickets was raged from 5.000 to 50.000 dr. There was posters on the streets and tv spot on the television. The concert was sold-out and took place in Palatul National “Nikolae Sulac” at 7pm on March 16,2019.

After the concert Natalia published to her account photos from her performance in Moldova and said: “Thank you, Moldova”. On March 17, 2019 it was arranged a fan meeting to her totel after the concert where she stayed for more than 30 minutes. She signed autographs, replied to their questions and took photos with them. Always her translator was with her.
Naty said she couldn’t sleep after the concert, it was months of preparation, she was nervous, so she fell asleep at about 5 in the morning. During the tour, Naty will try to meet fans in cities where she hasn’t had fans before. Naty had been training with new dancers and the band for days before the concert in Chisinau, because they hadn’t had the opportunity before, were sending videos and training at a distance. Before the concert, Naty didn’t try new local food, because of her nerves, so she couldn’t get sick, but she could try something today, she said. After the concert it was given to her a plush Mole, a famous Czech fairytale character. The following day she traveled for Moscow, Russia.