Reinas Salvajes

Scene on the movie “Reinas Salvajes”

Synopsis: In a remote camp in the mountains, Carlota, a renowed paleontologist, guards the most important finding of a hippogriff, a mythical animal half bird half lion that is not certain of its existence. The arrival of Constanza, a biologist sent to supervise the work of Carlota and Freddy, an old rival with dark intentions, who forces Carlota to face a powerful enemy that threatens to destroy the territory and its natural resources. The movie propose, in a keynote of western feminine, a current account of two women to do everything to protect a dream.

Natalia Oreiro (Constanza)
Mercedes Morán (Carlota)
Diego Velázquez (Freddy)
Alberto Leiva (Isidro)

Production Companies: Oeste Films, Film Andes
Distribution Company: Buena Vista International
Director: Matías Luccheshi
Writers: Mariano Llinas, Matías Luccheshi
Producer: Santiago López Rodríguez
Photography: Ramiro Civita
Art: Gonzalo Delgado
Sound: Catriel Vildosola
Executive production: Natacha Cervi, Juan Pablo Galli, Hernán Musaluppi
Editor: Pablo Mary
Stylist: Mónica Toshi

Reinas salvajes is the third film by filmmaker Matías Luccheshi, who has shown his attachment to outdoor stories. Its award-winning premium opera “Ciencias naturals” (Natural sciences), was filmed in a mountainous environment, specially on the Camino de las Altas Cumbres, in the Argentine province of Cordoba. The main locations is the village of Uspallata, in which the attitude is 2.000m above sea level and the area of small settlements Potrerillos. The movie is supported by the Municipality of Mendoza. The filming started since November 11, 2019 in Uspallata, Las Heras, Mendoza and ended on December 20, 2019 in Buenos Aires. Professional and non-professional actors from Mendoza was part of the cast.
The premiere was set for May 7, 2020 in Argentinean cinemas.

Last update: 25.12.2019