Natalia Oreiro visited the Early Childhood Center in Salta

Natalia Oreiro, as an ambassador for UNICEF Argentina, visited an Early Childhood Center in Salta to read stories from the “Cuentas que cuidan” (Tales that care) collection to children. During the visit, she also recorded a video for UNICEF, which will be shown in the program “Un sol para los chicos”, which will be broadcast on Saturday, September 3, on the channel 13. At the Solidarity Early Childhood Center, Natalia communicated with the authorities, teachers and guardians, and also held activities with the boys and girls who were there. The main activity focused on reading some of the stories from UNICEF’s “Tales that care” series, a series of illustrated texts specially designed for young children that creatively and pedagogically address the various rights of girls and boys.

“It is very important to discuss with boys and girls their rights and how to protect them. But adults should think about the upbringing and care that we give, and that we had to relearn and find new ways to set limits with love and respect, without resorting to shouting, disqualification or blows,” explained Natalia Oreiro.