Natalia Oreiro was invited to “Corta por Lozano”

Natalia Oreiro visited Paula Chavez at the “Cortá por Lozano” program of “TELEFE” TV channel.

Natalia will be the host of the Mask show on the Telefe channel. Filming for the show will begin in August. The first programs will be aired presumably in October. This is the first show she will host in Argentina. “This is a show that is known all over the world. For me, this is a challenge, I have never been a host here and now I said OK, I’m glad. Here, the real heroes are artists of the species, who can be football players, journalists, musicians, etc. It will be amazing! I swear,” said Natalia.

“No one knows who is under the suit. They were able to do the painstaking work that is there. There is a lot of production and no one knows who it is. Imagine their voices being distorted so they don’t know who it is,” she added.