The new house of Natalia Oreiro in Uruguay

Natalia Oreiro, born in Cerro and whose family still lives in Montevideo, has laid the foundations for her life in Buenos Aires, although in recent years she has gone on to work for much of the year in the country. her birthplace. She now has a rest or summer house under construction, which is located in the town of Las Cumbres in Punta Ballena, Maldonado. The first phase of the project has already finished and the work is advancing day by day. Oreiro, her husband Ricardo Mollo and their son, Atahualpa, visited the property in mid-May, and saw first-hand how their new corner of the world was developing, of which too many details are not yet known.

According to the magazine Hola! Argentina, the land acquired is 2,600 square meters, and the house will have, among other features, an infinity pool with views of Laguna del Sauce. The panoramic views are, precisely, one of the trademarks of Las Cumbres, one of the most precious areas of the department. Accessible via Route 12, the town has abundant nature, steep terrain, and rugged scenery. The place, ideal for rest, has very few inhabitants, and the buildings that exist are well spaced from each other, which ensures not only tranquility, but also the privacy of those who wish to settle there. Oreiro and Mollo already had a rest farm in Uruguay, but to the west, in Carmelo. It was called La Lechuza, it was put up for sale in 2017 and had a central house built in 1909, and 350 square meters. The place had a swimming pool, a home for the caretakers, and a glazed conservatory, among other amenities.