Interview to Infobae

Natalia Oreiro gave an inteview along with Gustavo Bassani to Infobae about the new production of Prime Video and the challenging of presenting their characters to a story based on a real story of the worse terrorist attack in Latin America, the bombing of AMIA.

“My character is at the service of the story, he articulates what is happening to Iosi’s. She is an agent of the secret intelligence services of Argentina: she is very distant from me, with a very distant personality and ideal, and that is why it seemed exciting to me to be able to interpret her.”, she said about her role. “I remember. He was 16 years old and it was very shocking. I had moved to Argentina and we were near the AMIA with my mom and dad looking for some things for the place where I was going to live. He blew up the window of the hardware store where we were. We didn’t know what had happened: if the subway had crashed, if a gas cylinder had exploded. Then we found out. I remember it as something very moving. I have a very close bond with the entire Jewish community and with Israel.”, she said regarding the bombing event of AMIA.