“Hoy se arregla el mundo” premiered on Netflix

Yesterday Netflix premiered “Hoy se arregla el mundo” (Today the world is fixed), the latest pearl of Argentine cinema that stands out for having a cast made up of renowned artists and the direction of Ariel Winograd. It tells the story of David “The Greek” Samaras, the general producer of a successful talk show named after the film: “Hoy se arregla el mundo”. In that TV program, different people resolve conflicts between couples, friendships, work, and between parents and children. The strongest bond that “the Greek” has is Benito, his 9-year-old son, who made him a father after an occasional relationship. But the story changes abruptly when he finds out that Benito is not his biological son. Then the search for the truth will lead everyone to have to solve a much more difficult dilemma than the one they thought they would face.

The site “Leer Cine” published a review by Santiago García that states: “It has a predictable story that the viewer wants to enjoy. From the minute one knows the way and all that remains is to enjoy. He laughs when he laughs and cries when he cries . And if someone thinks that’s wrong, the fun of good movies like this is lost.”