Natalia Oreiro will be in “El enmascarado”

Natalia Oreiro’s return to the Telefe screen is something that generated a lot of happiness and nostalgia, due to the important mark she left with the fictions she starred in the past. On this occasion, the Uruguayan artist was confirmed to be the host of a new entertainment program that will arrive on the “ball channel” shortly. However, the premiere of “El enmascarado” took longer than expected, and the Telefe authorities would have made a drastic decision with Natalia Oreiro. The singer signed a contract that, despite the fact that there is still no estimated date for her debut in the new program, would be fulfilled to the letter in terms of payments. In this way, the television station would ensure the presence of Nati , who is very anxious to return to Argentine television after so long. While no further details about “El enmascarado” are known, it will likely be on the air at the end of March, as it is still in the pre-production stage.