VTB bank: new promotional

As the face of the Russian bank “VTB”, Natalia Oreiro posted a photo and a video advertising the services of the bank, saying the following:

“After the situation in the Moscow taxi, I seriously thought that I should immediately issue all the necessary documents! I have already been told that it is easiest to do this through Public Services. ⁣And you can apply for a card at “VTB” Bank, because they have a lot of different bonuses now! ⁣I also found out that “VTB” Bank actively supports parents with children and gives a welcome 2000 rubles next month after the benefit is credited. ⁣That’s a generous Russian soul!⁣There are many more nice bonuses on the map. For example, free insurance against fraud, payment for housing and communal services without commission, free transfers by phone number up to 100,000₽ and other privileges from the MIR payment system. ⁣All you need to do is:

⁣* Issue a Mir card in any convenient way – online or at the bank’s offices.⁣

• Change the details of receiving child benefits by submitting an application at the place of initial application for payments.⁣

* Wait for the first enrollment of the child benefit and the bonus of 2000 rubles next month.⁣ It turned out that everything is not so difficult!⁣”