Natalia Oreiro did a VK live from Russia

Natalia Oreiro had a video-live with fans in her official account in VK, in which she announced that she had come to Russia – for the first time with her internal passport as a citizen of the country – to participate in the new launch of the “Wild angel” series. She will stay in Russia for several days and by the end of the month she will return to Argentina to her family. According to TASS, the artist’s son Merlin (who also received Russian citizenship) stayed at home due to school. The singer also said that she plans to do a tour of Russia next year. “Since I’m a Russian now, it is imperative to do a Russian concert,” she said, and then sang some of her songs. In addition, Natalia Oreiro announced her possible appearance in one of the Russian films and an upcoming Russian-language song. She previously reported that she had been vaccinated with Sputnik V.