Natalia Oreiro spoke to Siglo 21 ATR

Natalia Oreiro participated in Reynaldo Sietecase’s Siglo 21 ATR program. With a coffee in between with the journalist, Oreiro spoke about her Eva Perón’s interpretation for the series “Santa Evita.” “There are characters like Gilda that one yearns for many years and works accordingly to make that happen… that was not the case with Eva,” she revealed. And she continued: “For me it was very far away, but I said ‘I’m going to try’. I did the casting on October 17, there were many coincidences, and I stayed. And when I stayed I was scared.” “I thought I was not going to be able to do it, but with a lot of work, a lot of effort and research, I think we did something good. I’m happy,” she completed. About her career, she explained that she always works to achieve everything that she sets out to do and that she is committed to new things. “There are people who are born with a more limited talent, which I think is my case, but who work hard to polish and improve it, to learn and surround themselves with talented people,” she said. “When I feel that something is going well for me, I try to pamper myself, but I also go for something new, I don’t stay with what I did and it worked,” she concluded.