“This film speaks of social misery and appearances”

Natalia Oreiro : “This film speaks of social misery and appearances”

“La noche magica” (The magic night), Gastón Portal’s debut film that continues on the Rosario billboard, questions the material efforts that adults make to the detriment of the real needs of children, in addition to addressing other issues such as the suppression of the women’s interests on the part of their husbands and how appearances do not represent reality.

Posed as a black dramatic comedy with a rugged ending, the film has Pablo Rago, Esteban Bigliardi and Diego Peretti in the cast, who plays a thief who is mistaken by Santa Claus for the daughter of the marriage played by Bigliardi and Oreiro. However, this plot turned into tragedy keeps more than one secret that turns the narrative on more than one occasion. From Montevideo, Natalia Oreiro considered: “There is the part of the society heir to the industrial revolution that has made us beings that we work to consume, living trapped in quotas and in material things, which on the one hand destroy the ecosystem, and on the another do not generate affective ties neither with the children nor with the partners nor with the friends ”.

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