Iosi, the repentant spy

The series about Iosi, the spy who infiltrated the AMIA, is filmed for Amazon in Montevideo. The series will be based on the book by Miriam Lewin and Horacio Lutzky: “Iosi, the repentant spy.”

The story

In the late 1980s, José Pérez, an intelligence officer for the Argentine Federal Police, had to carry out the task of gathering information within the local Jewish community. To do this, he had to learn Hebrew and become familiar with the customs. This then allowed him to infiltrate under the name “Iosi”, and thus go unnoticed as a Jew in different community institutions. After the attacks on the Israeli embassy and the AMIA headquarters, “Iosi’s” conscience led him to confess his story to journalists Miriam Lewin and Horacio Lutzky. This was due to the fact that the undercover officer understood that the information that he had brought to his superiors could have been useful in carrying out the terrorist attacks. At present, the intelligence officer remains in hiding. This is due to a protected witness program, and little is known about it.

From paper to screen

Lewin and Lutzky wrote the book with the story of “Iosi,” which is now being transformed into a series for Amazon Prime. Different locations in the Uruguayan capital are being used these days for filming. The series will star Marco Antonio Caponi, Natalia Oreiro and Alejandro Awada. Carla Quevedo, Juan Leyrado, Matías Mayer and Minerva Casero will also participate. Over the weekend, scenes were filmed at the classic Delondon Gallery on Río Negro Street in downtown Montevideo. The series is directed by Daniel Burman and Sebastián Borensztein. It will have 8 episodes of 60 minutes each, and the premiere is scheduled for this year.