Natalia Oreiro’s interview to National Radio

The singer and actress Natalia Oreiro spoke with the “Ahí Vamos” team and addressed different aspects of her artistic and personal life. After reviewing her beginnings on the radio, when she was 15 years old, she referred to her role as Eva Perón, which can be seen this year in the miniseries Santa Evita. “Acting as Evita is the biggest challenge of my entire career. I’m putting all my heart into it. She was always very admirable and amazing. I adore everything she did in such a short time, her love and her unattainable devotion,” she expressed.

On the other hand, Oreiro spoke about the latest film starring in “La noche magica”, Gastón Portal’s first film, which is in theaters and questions the material efforts made by adults to the detriment of the real needs of children. to address other issues such as the suppression of women’s interests by their husbands and how appearances do not represent reality. “For us it is important that people like it and it is a very deep film that has everything. It’s a dark comedy but it’s also a social drama, “he said. In addition, she spoke of her commitment to children as UNICEF ambassador for Argentina and Uruguay; while she highlighted the fight of feminism: “We feel strong and accompanied.” In this sense, she stated that “men have to be feminists” and stressed: “Every day they continue to kill us, they continue to discriminate against us and we continue to lose rights.

Listen the interview here