Natalia Oreiro in “Corta por Lozano”

Natalia Oreiro was invited to the program “Cortá por Lozano” with Paula Cháves on the TELEFE channel. The conversation started on the subject of the femicide of the 18-year-old Úrsula Bahillo who was murdered by a police officer and the actress, asked how she treated these issues with her son, said: “very aware of the reality of the world in which he lives, always trying to find the right words for his age. Obviously boys and girls absorb the energy of their fathers and these are very hard times for humanity, but the responsibility that mothers have to raise children, men, in this society is very important”. Natalia Oreiro, who decided to live alone in Buenos Aires, at the age of 16, admitted that she is super protective and if her son is going to do the same, she dies, but this is not good. During the meeting with Natalia Oreiro in the program I was also the happiest subjects such as the movie “Nasha Natasha”, her new series for Amazon “Iosi”. In addition, she spoke about her character, being controlling and her misophonia: “I have a serious problem with gum.” Then, the conversation turned to the topic of “Ricos y famosos” (Rich and famous) and the wedding scene of Valeria (Natalia Oreiro) and Diego (Diego Ramos), but also to Instagram and technology and its “anti-connection” method: “The boys they absorb everything. It happens to me that I try, because each family is a different world, each one makes his own way and realizes what his children need, so we try to give him tools and that he choose … “and added: “a Martian… But that is not an ‘electronic pacifier either. Obviously, we see a movie but it has no networks, it is not with the play, cell phone or anything like that”.