Live interview with Noelia Etcheverry

On September 21, 2020 Natalia Oreiro gave an interview to the journalist Noelia Etcheverry. She said that the semi-rounds will be broadcasted very soon at channel 10, the production is preparing another version of Got Talent Uruguay for 2021, her son, Ata, asked her if he can participate to the show with origami. He also helped the technicians during the filming. Naty said that herself, her son and Ricardo watch the show every Monday cuz he is not going to school due to the corona virus, she believes that this project united the whole family together, she would like to participate to the second version, she said that she cannot be a juror cuz she cannot enter to that role, she cannot do it. She was asked if she plans to do a virtual concert. She said she does not want to get used to that form cuz she prefers concerts, to be in touch with people, singing and dancing with them, she said that maybe in the future she could do a concert in the format of a live streaming.