Natalia in La Garganta Poderosa cover

The cry of this month turns from the ground, with a transparent look at the situation in the country, which reaches the ears of the world and is planted in the mud of the villages to analyze it from all sides: “At home I have the basic needs satisfied, but the reality is very different for those who do not have guaranteed rights.” Natalia Oreiro spreads connectivity and solidarity knowing that Argentina is not poor, “it is unfair”, that “there are millions of people without access to drinking water or hygiene items, and there is also much talk about education in homes without recognizing that there is no to the internet or devices to connect.”
The Uruguayan actress echoes on our cover about impoverished childhoods, with sad numbers: “We know that when 2020 ends there will be a figure of 8.2 million, which is equivalent to 62.9 percent of the boys and girls who they will be in poverty.” The neighbors of La Poderosa raised the pots to guarantee the food of more than 29 thousand people; where intermittent power and water outages are historical outrages. And in this context of deep educational crisis, Nuestra Natalia supports the # Contagi├íConeividad campaign, because 60% of our assemblies do not have a network connection and we are always saved by community care. From her most Latin Americanist throat, forceful on every page, she as a mother believes that it is unthinkable that there are situations that cause so much suffering. For this reason, at this moment, she embraces Cristina Castro with the depths of his heart, as if it were a caress: “My message for Facundo’s mother is a desire for justice.”