Natalia Oreiro: “In a past life I was Russian”

Natalia Oreiro spoke at the Russian channel “Zvezda TV” about the musical documentary “Nasha Natasha” (Our Natalia) and about her love for Russia.

Uruguayan singer and actress Natalia Oreiro believes that the mentality of the Uruguayans does not differ from the Russian mentality, which makes her feel at home in Russia. The artist spoke about this personally during her conversation with “Zvezda”. “Every time I talk in Argentina, Uruguay, Spain or any other country about the mutual feelings that we have with Russia, they look at me strangely. They say, “What connects a Uruguayan from Rio de la Plata, a person who lives in Argentina, with a culture that seems so different?” And I always answer in the same way: we are not at all different, the Russian people are very warm, I feel at home there. And it is this secret that we, with the director Martin Sastre, are in some way trying to decipher in the film Our Natasha”, she explained.

The singer also admitted that she has a Russian soul, and suggested that in a past life she was most likely Russian. “Where does this mutual love, which has been going on for twenty years, come from? Yes, I feel that I have a Russian soul, I do not know if other lives exist, but if they exist, then in a past life I was definitely Russian. It seems to me that I have Russian facial features, I look like Russian women. For the first time, when I arrived in Russia, on Red Square I looked at nesting dolls and said to myself: “I am very similar, I have a Russian name.” Yes, now I understand where such love comes from”, Oreiro shared.

The artist said that she has always been a big fan of Russian culture. According to Oreiro, she likes many Russian classics, she is also delighted with our theater and ballet. “I have also always been a big fan of Russian culture and literature. Tolstoy, Pushkin, Chekhov. For us, those who study in the theater, the actors have always had Russian classics in the training program and presentations. Therefore, this is embedded not only in me, but also in many of my fellow actors. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit Russian museums, such as the Hermitage, and I was fascinated by the performing arts of ballet at the Bolshoi Theater, I had the opportunity to visit there. Meet very famous opera performers such as Pavlova. Talented people who are part of Russian culture and whom we greatly admire here, on the other side of the earth. So it was a pleasant surprise for me that the Russians liked what I did. For me, Russia is a country with a very diverse culture, painting, sculpture, architecture, dancing, music… She has a very long history. And then I appeared on the series “Wild Angel”, and they said: “We like it!” – and I said “Wow!” That’s lovely. Thank!”, concluded Natalia Oreiro.

In a conversation with Zvezda, the famous performer also announced her love for the Russian language and shared the details of the filming of the documentary “Nasha Natasha” (Our Natasha), which was based on Oreiro’s tour of the same name in Russian cities. In this picture, the artist talks about her warm feelings for our country and shares the most vivid impressions that she received in the vast expanses of Russia .

Source: Zvezda TV