Natalia Oreiro: “I never experienced a situation of harassment”

Natalia Oreiro spoke to “Polino Auténtico” in Radio Mitre about her role as host of the “Uruguay Got Talent” program: “For me it is a very big challenge, I did not prepare nor am I a host. When they called me and proposed it to me, what they told me was that it had to be me basically “. “What I felt is an identification with the participants, I think that all of us who are dedicated to this go through that place where we want to be given an opportunity,” she continued. On her beginnings as an actress, Oreiro mentioned: “We all have our history and our mountains to climb. I started at age 16 and literally wanted to eat the world. Then I got upset and decided to enjoy the moment a little more. “

“I dreamed of being an actress, when it happened to me at the beginning it was hard. My parents always let me be free. I have had the opportunity to work with many very good people who have taken great care of me”, she added. When asked if she ever suffered a situation of harassment in the environment, the artist acknowledged: “I never experienced a situation of harassment. The fellow actor is very important to the safety of the woman, clearly it is difficult for both of them. It is not a gender issue to be intimidated by a love situation. I was very young and I felt vulnerable. I always had colleagues who took great care of me.” “I like to get along with the people I work with, I have no close friends in between. One seeks to have a nice time, it is a collective work. One is enriched by the other’s gaze, and with the other doing well”, she concluded on this topic. In addition, she told what his work projects are: “We are seeing if we are going to be able to film the series ‘Santa Evita’ this year, we are seeing if the protocols are viable with the possibility of such a large filming.”

A few days after starting her process to become a Russian citizen, Natalia explained: “My link with Russia is incredible. It never ceases to amaze me, perhaps in another life I was Russian. The first novel of mine that was seen in Russia was ‘Rich and famous’ but what hit the most there was ‘Brave doll’, they played it 14 times”. Finally, she reflected on what her days in quarantine are like: “We are all tired, going through a moment of great stress but we are privileged. We know that we have work, that we can endure, that we can stay at home.” “I have a garden, my son runs and he is happy. It is not the reality of most people, I have many friends who are having a very hard time financially and one tries to help but it is happening to us all over the world. It seems to me that you have to reinvent yourself, there is no other. Either I join what is coming or I suffer from it”, concluded the actress and singer.