Natalia talked to Todos estamos conectados

Natalia talked about her work with Luis Cappozzo as a scientific researcher and marine biologist as part of the Todos estamos conectados program, which was broadcasted on Televisión Pública Argentina. “Luis has worked all his life so that his scientific knowledge is accessible to the general public, and not just scientists, so that we can understand how it is necessary to preserve our planet at present, in order to survive all life forms on it.” Natalia also mentioned how they worked together in the Recurso Natural program (2008), which was dedicated to the protection of our planet. “He recently advised me and the director of one film, which will be released soon, as a marine biologist. (The title of the film is not mentioned, but the talk is clearly about “Reinas salvajes”) Let’s see what he is like as a teacher. I think that his genius extends to all his work. ”