Natalia Oreiro’s live in VK

Natalia Oreiro did a VK live on March 31, 2020 on her only personal account. She was on her kitchen in Buenos Aires y she replied to the questions and sang a not famous songs such as Cambio dolor, Alas de libertad, Corazón valiente and many other more. Her fans started with the question about the dog who “is playing here with Jupiter and with Roña”, the cat of her son. Also, Natalia tried of a new mini serie called “Santa Evita” and the TV show Got Talente Uruguay: “it’s a wonderful TV show which I enjoyed because I did the first stage, it remained the next”. “Well, I am not a good example because I love to cook”, Natalia answered when she was asked about maintaining the physical fitness in the quarantine and she added that she likes to eat: “cakes, chocolates, apple cakes, banana cakes, pasta and I am eating a lot of flour and a lot of sweets, and a lot of chocolate ”.

Natalia Oreiro said that during the quarantine she is painting, especially cooking desserts and sweets, stretching in the garden, cleaning, ordering books and things, enjoying a lot of time with her son and Ricardo, sleeping a lot, thinking about nice things, writing letters for perhaps future songs and “making a compost bin to compost than recycling organic food to later have good general soil.” She gave some piece of advice how to survive this time: “I think having a good mood, being happy, thinking positively. The most difficult thing right now is anxiety and fear. We don’t have to leave fear to paralyze us. It is a time to be as strong as possible“. Natalia Oreiro admitted that there are historical people that she would like to personify in the film or in the series. One is the Uruguayan writer Juana de Ibarbourou who “was very brave” according Natalia’s opinion and another is Juana Azurduy: “She was a Latin American liberator, a woman who throughout her life fought against the conquest“, she said. Natalia Oreiro also transmitted good news that the documentary Nasha Natasha is going to be released this year and that is why she and Martín Sastre are very happy.