Natalia Oreiro’s message for her tour

Natalia Oreiro published a message to Russian for her cancelled tour to her fans and she said the following:

“Dear friends, I hope you are all healthy and close to your families. I am writing to you because I don’t like that you are lying and that you receive false information. As I already told you a few weeks earlier, the “20 years together” tour, which we were planning to do in spring in various cities of Russia, was canceled for reasons that have nothing to do with me. I repeat, I do not like lies, and therefore I want to explain and tell you that neither I, nor a single person from my team received a ruble / dollar / euro for this tour. No one. We also did not receive tickets, visas, prepayments for expenses and nothing else. On the contrary, I invested a lot of time and money (which no one has returned to me so far) to prepare a tour, buy beautiful costumes, make music production, visual decorations, special effects, etc. Let no one lie to you, saying that it was somehow different. I know that many of you have made great efforts to buy tickets, and therefore I ask you not to stand aside, but to demand money for every ticket you buy. Fight for your rights and do not let anyone cheat or misappropriate your money. I am very upset and angry because of everything that happened, but no one and nothing can separate us, and soon we will begin to think about a new beautiful tour of my beloved Russia in order to sing with you. I love you. – Natalia”