Natalia Oreiro joins to Red Solidarity

Natalia Oreiro, among others, joined forces to sing “Como la cicada” by María Elena Walsh, in an action devised by Red Solidaria to unite Argentines in isolation social due to the coronavirus pandemic. Through a WhatsApp group, the initiative Baptized #ArgentinaCanta, reissues the action that the organization founded by Juan Carr promoted at the end of last year, when thousands of people in about 400 cities across the country joined at the same time in squares and family houses to interpret the song “Inconsciente colectivo” by Charly García. The purely digital play was broadcast through various television channels and online in the format of a video that was previously recorded by the same artists with the musical direction of Lito Vitale.

Each one sent a sung fragment of “Como la cicada” which was later joined in a single video. The artists who lent their voices are León Gieco, Teresa Parodi, Soledad Pastorutti, Pedro Aznar, Ligia Piro, Abel Pintos, Víctor Heredia, Lula Bertoldi, Wos, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Sandra Mihanovich, Nahuel Pennisi, Nacha Guevara, Marcela Morelo, Alejandro Lerner, Mica Vita, Luciano Pereyra, Kevin Johansen, Elena Roger, Liliana Herrero, Jairo, Hilda Lizarazu, Lisandro Aristimuño, Palo Pandolfo, Julia Zenko, Georgina Hassan, Ricardo Mollo, Gabo Ferro, Coti Sorokin, Mavi Díaz, Emiliano Brancciari, María Faría Gómez, Liliana Vitale, Patricia Sosa, Natalia Oreiro, Franco Luciani and Javier Malosetti.