Natalia Oreiro: “Happy Holidays”

On December 24, 2019 Natalia Oreiro posted a message to her official account in VK along with her son’s photos where he made a Xmas tree using an umbrella, xmas decorations and a flower plot detailed with Russian decoration. She said the following:

“When i was to my son’s age, my parents and I just came from Spain and we lived to the house of my grandma Ilda. It was December and we couldn’t buy a Christmas Tree, then I decided to make it with my own hands. I went to the pantry, where I was playing every evening, and I found an old umbrella. I installed it in the garden and put it in a flower pot. I started it to cut it and in this moment a neighbor passed by and asked me: “what are you doing, Natalia?”. “A small Christmas Tree”, I replied. She looked at me surprisingly and she said: “No matter how much you put a money in silk, it will remain a money!!” Her words echoed inside of me… but I continued my work with even greater enthusiasm! I remember that I run to the neighborhood, house by house asking if they could give me a toy from their tree… This night of December 24, my beautiful tree was shining to its corner!!! And until now that tree remains the most beautiful… Let no one ever tell you that you cannot. Because we can achieve all the goals that we set for ourselves. Happy Holidays .”